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Sample Script Self Motivation Speech

Speech Manuscript Title : We Must Mandiri

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb.

Dear father of the principal. We respect the father of the guardian class. Dear father and mother is also our teacher. Also colleagues who I love.

First of all we are very grateful to God for the outpouring of the esa His grace given to us, so good on this occasion we can gather, was in this place muwajahah, this happy place.

Colleagues who I love.
We know that youth are highly volatile period. Easily influenced by many factors, both positive and negative. Usually negatiflah factors more rapidly absorbed by our friends the other. This would reflect badly on the life of the future.

We can see in various media both print and electronic media, as well as in everyday life is. Their behavior is not commendable. This is very regrettable to us that was one generation. They have become pregnant outside marriage, a motorcycle gang involved, there is skipping school to become a drug addict and so forth. So that our generation marred by the vagaries of a handful of the younger generation who are not responsible.

Colleagues who I proud.
We as young people are given the awareness that seems to always remind each other of the dangers of promiscuity above, the negative association above. Not until we become victims of our own but do not feel that we become victims.

It would have no time again we easily tempted and seduced, not the time again we do not have a position. We must realize that once this life should be utilized properly. Do not let our youth this menyianyiakan who later regret the days of old.

We must have principles in life, we must be independent and able to bring himself so it is not we who are victims of date, not the victims of our environment. but let us be the generation that can actually bring change to society.

As the younger generation, many of the potential that can develop. Many of the potential that we can optimize. Not for anyone but for ourselves. For the good of our future.

My colleagues and I am proud of the audience.
Let’s time we as the younger generation to get out of bed and show the world that we are capable. We have something precious to be reckoned with. We make sure that we are not the generation of waste which usually only be a burden on parents and environmental burden.

There are some simple steps we can do from now on:
• First, our hard and diligent study show parents that We also able to achieve best value.
• The second best is not carried away by the influence of our friends are happy others skipped because someday they themselves will feel the consequences. It may be that children will be like them, hard on the set, and against their parents as they do today. This of course we did not expect.
• Third, we are given the cost Whatever it is best to arrange the best with full responsibility and awareness. Never attempt to deceive UNIKO conservative. Because this makes us nerds who are not blessed future.
• Fourth, find friends slang slang and positive place either in school or outside school. Interactions we will establish our character slowly.
As a student, perhaps these four simple steps we can begin practicing today. We determine our fate in the future. I therefore told his colleagues of all let us take advantage of this youth as well as possible so that our future bright.

So what can I say. We apologize if there is one word.

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb.

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